Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kicking on abit with 146

I had a hernia op last Thursday and once I got over the excruciating pain to now just pain I've got stuck into a few different projects especially my 146 modules ,as I want to finish it up to the plate girder bridge over the main .Then I can marry it back up to 142 module . Also when all I could do was sit in front of the computer and research I found a whole heap of pictures of Toronto station and yard that I didn't have . This has allowed me to move a fair bit on knowing what now to do . And also the pics are in colour .They are in my favourites list in Flickr
especially the one by Timarnot of the parachute water tank and the walkway .The handrails appear to be sky blue . Fassifern Station was trimmed in light blue also. Was this sky blue and white colour scheme only used on the short north? Graeme Kaufman also has 2 pics of 3076 being watered , and the picket fence at the end of the platform. What I will do is develop the picture of the NO WAY sign and print it of at one of the 15c places ,cut it out and use it as my sign. Thought! might do that for the 146 mile post also if I can get it small enough. Here are a couple of progress pics this was my 2nd attempt at ballasting the yard I'm pretty happy with the result except the lead in point has a dog leg on the main run into the yard . (scratches head what to do) Might have to just live with it.Once I ballast the point and surrounding area it might not look so noticeable .

That point
Buffer stops ?? There was a accident and an T&R FO ended up in the building across the road Wharf st.

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