Thursday, June 20, 2013


Small name change of my blog , because I've moved house and had to pull up my layout. As it was,137 Awaba at this stage has not been added . ATM the layout, I will focus on 142(Fassifern) and 146(Toronto) , shape will be dog bone with 146 at one end and Newstan branch the other end. Here are some more pictures how 146 is going . Flickr has been a huge help finding a pictures, I skimmed over one at first because it was in colour. It was taken from the water looking at the station it has a 620 at the station still has the Parachute water tank and the overhead walkway insitu."Toronto Railway Station and Hotel from the water before Riva Apartments and before Victory Theatre burnt down" .Google earth also helped in research also. Im still looking for a close up of the goods shed at the end of the yard and the old Hirecraft building . I found a picture of a T&R FO planted in the building. Here are some more pictures of how its going. Just placing buildings I've have to get a feel. Anyone know what year the Tank and the Walkway were removed?? just as a matter of interest.