Monday, June 11, 2012

Motorised Home signal HO

Bought some of these signals at the Epping model railway show to put on my layout now just have to source the motor (with bounce) from the UK apparently.If anyone knows where they are available???


  1. Gday Peter,

    Sorry I am having a few blog publishing issues. I was chatting to Ian at the Epping show and was impressed by the bouncer servo kit also. They can be found at or if that doesn't work just google "bouncer signal servo kit". I would like to buy one or two of these kits also. If your keen a combined order may save a little on the postage?


    Stonequarry Creek

  2. Hi Peter and Linton,
    I might also be interested in a couple of those if you want to combine orders. (By the way, the link works if you change "copner" to "copnor").


  3. Fellas just some thoughts on the bouncer, & to consider an option. & please understand this is not a criticism of the product or the idea, as when I first saw it myself I thought it looked quite good, & it demonstrates how new technology is always upon us.

    I had a look at the link from Linton & noticed the bounce unit sells for 65 pounds to do four signals, add to that the P&P its not a cheap item for what is essentially a gimick, now that is how I consider it anyway. I will be having 36 Lower quadrant signals on my layout, & if I was to bounce them all, as that is what should happen that means I would need of 9 of the units, a total without P&P of near $600.00, that is the cost of an Eureka 50cl or a DJH garratt with a bit of change to buy wagons, & not forgetting the P&P.

    I understand that you can make a Tam Valley Singlet work with bounce, & they cost in packs of 10, $9.85 US Plus around $12.00 P&P so around AU$110.00 at the current exchange rate. You have to have a servo & they cost me $26.00 for 12 including shipping from China, & you still need those to work the bouncer unit.

    The method needed with the Tam Vally product is shown on this link these cover 2 signals for $US 29 each or for orders of 4 or more they cost $25.00 each, so that does the same thing as the one from England at a bit less of a cost. The worst of doing it this way is that to gain the financial benefits is you have to order throught two companies, Tam Valley in the US & China for the servo's. BTW the price of the Servo in the British version 5 pounds is over the top for mine, its twice as dear as the ones I use.

    Ok, here's the thing to consider before buying any of the bouncers, & again this is just my opinion but also from 25 years of working as an engineman on the NSW railways.

    I believe it looks nice, but how long will the owner notice them on his layout? sure it will be noticed for a while but it will become part of the layout & operation as you go on, & of course others who visit may notice it, or you/me will point it out. But once again it will just become common place on a layout after a while & at a cost of???.

    The thing to also consider is that not all signals bounced, especially lower quadrants, the most common semaphore to bounce was the Upper quadrants as they returned to the caution or stop position after a train passed the signal, & the bounce was because it dropped down & onto the motor control unit. It did not happen when it went upwards to clear. The Lower Quadrants, likewise primarilly bounced when returned to stop, as when they were being cleared it meant a fair amount of effort was needed to clear the signal operating the lever frame in the box, thus the clearing was more a graduated clearing.

    However, when the train passed the signal & the signalman/SM reversed the signal by releasing the lever frame, rarelly was it done by a controlled reverse back to the normal/rear locked position but by the operator just releasing the locking lever at the rear of the lever at the top, which meant the whole lever was actually flung backwards quite quick & harshly. The reason was because of the weight of the counter balance arm on the signal, which dropped from its Horizontal or raised position when the signal was clear down to the normal 45 degree downward position.

    Of course its up to the individual but, for me I feel its no more than a gimick that was not seen as much as much as you would believe & to achieve it, is expensive.

    Col Hussey

  4. Yeah it's a fair comment Col. You would have had the best seat to witness signal movement! I will have a look at your suggested method. I could probably make a very prototypical signal movement using the computer control software I am using to drive a slow motion switch machine also. Its amazing what can be done with CTI coding. I thought if a few guys were keen a combined order would save a little on postage.

    All good points,


    1. Linton

      I would think the bouncer, even though a gimik would be a fair option to be set at a location that had a prominent viewable spot, & say on one or two signals.

      I have to admit that I am assembling a quota of the Tam Valley products to operate my points & will also use them for signals. I buy them in lots of 10 from the US in the kit package, that brings them in at around $10.00 each & get my servo's from China, or a shop called Hobby King, google it, & they have an Australian outlet, they have a 9g SG90 (you must only use that type)for around $2.60 each, set up an account & likely buying in lots of 10 will be a bit less.

      You need piano wire to work the servo & arms, I get a roll of it from Englan Ebay search for Piano wire & a place with Harpsicodes sell it in 5metre rolls for around $6.00 shipped here.

      Works out a lot cheaper than any other point motor system, they can also be set up through Iphone types as well as JRMI Panel Pro.

      Tam Valley sell what is called a Quad, which operates 4 servo's in the one module, I want to get 8 of them but only when you get them in batches of 10 do they get cheaper. They will be used for the signals at each end of crossings & yards. Main line & loop home, & starting signals from Main & loop.

      I look at all things before jumping in anymore as I have a fair few items that I purchased on impulse only to realise that I did not need them, & now with so much coming in both kits & RTR that I need for my mid 50's layout, I need every cent.



  5. Thanks for the info Col,Linton and James I watched that video at the bottom of Colins link and its swayed me to use singlet kits (leds) which will work with my control panel and servos for point motors and some of my signals,not all signals will be motorized,panel pro compatible,might get some to trial. I cannot respond without posting a comment, use
    to contact
    cheers Peter

  6. Guys

    I just had a look at the Tam Valley site again & went to respective page for the bouncer type unit here is link
    If I read it right, & I am not an expert on these, but I think its actually saying you can control signals using this accesory panel without the need of the other singlet & similar boards.

    There is a PDF download link on the page which shows the various options, if this is correct, then for me, I will be using those items for all my signals, as it comes in only marginaly more more expecsive than the nore usual singlet setup, it also allows you to set the control of them up using JRMI & smart phone types as well.

    As I am part of a weekly group that has operating sessions & we have a control officer to do the train running setup, this woule allow him to control trains very much in a prototypical way, by setting the routes & clearing appropriate signals.