Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Toronto on DVD

Whilst on a home layout visit recently a DVD was playing and I looked up and saw Toronto yard and something different to the normal 30 tank or 620 class railmotor. It was the "beer" train which consisted of a 50class 2 s trucks a red GHG.Hooray ive finally found Toronto in moving pictures!The DVD is called Days of Steam vol2 and its of the short north only.Quality is very good i have vol 1 on video and the quality is poor in comparision. Last Wednesday I went to ARHS bookshop on Central station and bought a copy @ $40.

Windows a lesson learnt

My Fassifern station building project came to a sudden halt when i discovered i needed more packets of Grandtline windows. I cut and shut the previously bought windows into one side of the building. I rang the shop where i bought the first packet to buy more and they were on order from the states. Ive been waiting since that previous blog post on the 15th of July for these windows to come from the US. Then at Liverpool exibition ,perusing the Gwydir stand I see titchy windows that i could have possibly used IF i hadnt cut up the one side sofar. These windows became a saga, i ended up ringing no less that 20 shops in Sydney, Newcastle,Melbourne,Brisbane and lastly Adelaide(possibly also Perth) trying to source these windows. When the orignal shops delivery came in late last month these windows were on back order. So i decided to email Grandtline themselves in the US ,Yes we have plenty,that will be US$11 inc postage for to packs sent here. I didnt want to use my CC so a aske if I could send cash ,that will be no problem.They also said i could send the CC number in 2 emails if a wanted to but i said cash will be fine at my risk. It took 3 weeks to get there well at least it got there. They were going to send it last night Airmail lets see how long it take to get here.
Well the moral to the story is DONT cut until you have all the parts needed to complete a particular part of the project.