Sunday, June 8, 2014

Toronto Hotel

Something has been bugging me for awhile , my Toronto Hotel which is a L&J cardboard model and its called "Railway Hotel" and single storey . I came across a couple of pictures on google of the Toronto Hotel and its 2 storey. I was at Epping MRC exhibition yesterday and spotted
 Models N More at the Exhibition . I have noticed the sudden arrival of laser cut timber kits available on ebay recently . I have bought a double timber level  crossing and installed it at Toronto a couple of months ago . Well at Epping yesterday MnM have 3 or 4 hotel kits available both single , double storey and low relief . I measured the size of the assembled kits and guestimated my available space . I have chosen and purchased the Royal Hotel and it has 2 facades  so I will fit in well . Here is a picture I found on google pictures of the real Hotel .

And the kit as it come ready to construct.