Monday, January 2, 2012

PHM and Destination Board

Hi All Happy New year to all , went to the Powerhouse Museum today to see the Harry Potter Exibition (as a family outing)and I can honestly say I have not seen any of the HP movies. The PH ran a trainspotting photo competition and some of the pictures were very interesting indeed. Loco No 1 is where you first enter the Museum . There is an exhibt of 3265 showing the rebuilding of it, also the HUNTER nameplate and an N scale model of a 32class and a small verse stating that a model of 3265 is due out in 2008, it has an empty space beside it. It didnt say what scale it was going to be. >the picture to the left is the original Destination board that was on the main concourse at Central Station (country) and moved to the PHM and put on display, also Loco 1243 is there and an elevated signal box you can enter.