Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weathered and Almost complete Water Tank

The water tank at Fassifern weathered itself two tone a silverery colour on the top plates and black on the bottom plates. I found some pictures on the net thanks to Dazz,Weston Langford collection and GrahamH and others not mentioned.I spent 4hrs trawling through the pictures at the ARHS resorce centre at Redfern

looking for Info and Pictures of station buildings of Fassifern and Toronto goods shed.I found one useful picture of beyond the goods shed but still not of it.The boys down there were very helpful.Byways 20 makes mention of the Toronto GS ,states that it was 16x20 and very distant pics i have of it shows that it had a "A" frame roof line.Ive just tried my hand at making trees with info off the web site

,adams corner #13 ''making trees" ill post some pics if sucessful.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Water tank and column for Refuge siding

Still waiting for windows from local shop so i'm still unable to continue with the station building but heaps more to do. So i started the Water tank using a cut down Silvermaz water tank kit from Casula Hobbies,Greg Edwards data sheet (not the right one but i can use the data) and evergreen styrene columns and rod and sheet styrene for the gussets.A work in progress.The hill/cutting has also been formed painted trees and ballast to come.