Thursday, September 22, 2011

Recycling ,used goods shed and trees

Looking back from the run into Toronto yard ive used a line of trees to hide the main line from the branchline.The switch in the forground isolates the goods shed line and can act as a program track with my NCE powercab.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adding colour and Terrain to Toronto

My interpratation of Toronto is taking shape ive seperated Fassifern modules to scenic it as best i can.Toronto station is part of the yard.It will have a parachute water column,goods shed and a Casula Pc3 concrete station ,entry and exit for passengers will be from the end of the platform not via the stairs as the case was in real life.Ive used the hill behind Toronto station to seperate it from Fassifern station.Here are some pics sofar.I waiting to get more windows so I can finish Fassifern Station building,as the case is when you need 2 packets of something shops only have one.Hopefully Blacktown MRRC will get more stock soon.The bright green parts is where i will use a grassinator once i make one ive got the static charger from Oatley electronics.Fine black ballast was used on Toronto yard and blue metal dust on Fassifern down siding.