Thursday, November 15, 2012

The End

Hi All my layout has been asked to move so as it sits now its the end. I always new it was going to happen thats why nothing has been glued down. My orignal plan was to do Cockle creek but to do it justice 4.8metres was not long enough. Then I stumbled on and old track plan of Fassifern and it worked in 4.8 metres with  modellers licence. But I wanted to do an Exibition layout(not anymore) of it ,but i need another 2metres of straight line track before it returned to a fiddle yard. I made the end curves very sharp about 18". Well fingers crossed my new trainroom/garage is about 8-9 steps long so ill be able to have Wakefield Rd bridge and the start of Fassibank on the straight and not curved. I also hope to move Toronto away from the main module as it is now to the proper track plan of a station and on to the yard. Well time will tell , im dredding the move at least i wont have any fish tanks to move!!!