Saturday, March 7, 2015

Alot to say about nothing

Its been awhile between posts and its been a very eventful year to say the least 2014 .The company I worked for 4years lost the contract so I had to move on, both my parents (God bless them) passed away within 10 weeks of each other , my NRL team WON the comp finally we were there lucky to get great member allocated seats the week of the GF with my daughter ,I was also there in 1971 43years between drinks . Up the Rabbitohs. And there was another significant event a mighty Garratt 6029 has returned to the rails. I haven't had a chance to see it in person yet but definitely will next year . Not much has progressed on the layout really since I had to move and that is on the cards again this time next year ,a move to the Southern Highlands . We have purchased a block of land along side of the main southern railway, and you can hear from miles away the thumping engine exhausts of 81s or screaming NRs climbing the rise into Bundanoon . New train room has been figured in it will be 7.5 x 5.5 carpeted and air-conditioned (NO cars in the garage again, no no no).On the layout front not much has progressed I've almost completed the Toronto modules and a bit on Fassifern. I have bought a pedestrian crossing kit of the timber type not 100% correct but looks the part so now I can complete the down side platform up to Fassifern oval and lots of signals to build and make to operate . On the models side of things I pre ordered and have received my 8619 (scratches head why) 8169 from Austrains I'm happy with it and have fitted sound to it and sounds great ST 645turbo and a few more NRs in NR scheme and fitted sound to one of them . Just waiting for my 45 to arrive and will order a 43 and a 46 (scratches head again) ill get Eureka's 5069 and possibly Shrikes 3090, Port locos . All the rest ill leave for you guys to share around . One thing a do need and have bought 1 is back drops their are some fantastic ones around atm but are so expensive  for what they are but having said that their is nothing like real/ model trees .