Thursday, February 13, 2014

Casula 30 class

Well you can never have too many 30 tanks on a short north type layout. Lashed out and bought a Casula Hobbies 30 class. A fellow modeller asked me to show him how to white metal solder . Previously I have built in order 32,30,60,30T,10,57,59 all completed except for the 57 . Its been about 3 years since ive started a kit build in white metal. 2 things I've learnt since my last kit and the most important one is the FLUX .I used to use Carr's then changed to laco paste from plumbing section at Bunnings and it leaves a big mess . I have since discovered BGB flux and it is fantastic and so easy to use . 2nd tip was from a DVD I purchased from the UK showed once the joint was tacked checked for positioning was then to flux

 again then have a little ball of the low melt solder ,drop it into the joint and then hit it with some heat and watch it flow into the joint SOOO easy. This will be my second 30 and I'm going to fit sound to it .Looking at using one of those little square speakers in the coal bunker . It must have a peanut whistle maybe ill look at some of those pommy sound chips. I've heard some Hornby stuff and IMO it sounds good but ill probably get a ESU with English sound if I can. Here is my first days work on the kit ,mostly cleaning up . The cleaning up is tiresome but if the kits didn't have so much cleaning up id do more .


  1. Peter

    I find the nicest recording of a close 30cl suburban whistle is found on a Tsunami & choose the Banshee whistle.. You can find it in the sound samples library link on their web site.

  2. G'day Peter,

    If you end up using a ESU V4 I have a 30 class whistle recording. If you have a LokProgrammer or can borrow one I am more than happy to email you the whole sound project.

    If your interested let me know and I will try and get my email address to you.