Monday, May 7, 2012

Its Been a long time between posts for me

A brief description of what been happening to the layout

1.After christmas day passed I decided to get stuck into the layout .It have built modules around the walls of the garage as well as a peninsula (well its a fish tank stand) out and back in that allows a drop of 75 mm without a helix. I will post the completed track plan in another post.

2.Spent a weekend away in the Hunter Valley to see Rod Stewart, I asked my wife if she would mind calling into Awaba ,Fassifern and Toronto so I could take some pictures of the infrastructure that was still left. I had to compromise and buy her lunch at Toronto,no worries.Things have changed quite a bit since the 60s.

3.I finally received my windows from Grandtline in the US.

4.The layout has gone radio I use NCE with a Sb3a.

5.Had a layout run afternoon with a club im in with some very positive feedback.

6.Added more storage yards and loops which it lacks considerbly

7.And finally added a run around loop so I can now start a train from Newstan coliery run through Fassifern wrong road crossover and down hill into the back platform road of Awaba around the new loop into Wangi and then runs around and joins the main line south of Awaba for the long climb back up to Fassifern and back into Newstan Branch and loading bins. Just need to finish automating the points .

Im very happy with the outcome sofar.I will post some pics soon

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