Thursday, December 22, 2011

57 chassis live

I was asked how I liven the dead side of a DJH chassis this is my 5 year 57 project.

I solder some double sided pcb (I use sleeper) across the frame at the top between the 3rd and 4th drivers with the overhanging sleeper on the dead side. Then on the top side of the overhang solder some pickup wire that you can bend down to touch the top of the drivers. Do the same to the other one. Now solder an insulated wire (red in pic)to the PCB and run it to one of the motor terminals. That's it done now the chassis will move without the tender attached . I liven the dead side of the tender bogies also (which will be the opposite side to the chassis you just did) and connect both pickups together and then run a single wire to the frame of the chassis. Now you have all wheel pick up on both loco and tender

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